About Us

JJ Graves

As soon as JJ first put a puppet on his hand, he was hooked. He joined his church's puppet team in 2003, and by 2005 he was building his own puppets and performing professionally. He built his favorite puppet, Douglas, to sell—but soon realized that he couldn't part with him. Since then, JJ and Douglas have performed hundreds of shows in churches, schools, and camps all over the United States. Other puppet characters have also accompanied JJ on six international ministry trips to four different countries. JJ’s “Douglas Talks” videos have been seen in over 140 countries worldwide.  JJ has a bachelor's degree in Student Ministry, and has been the children's and youth minister at his church for the last four years, though he's been working in children's ministry since he was twelve. He has a passion for equipping the church to further God's Kingdom in new and creative ways, and loves to stretch himself and others to think outside the box.

Little Grig

JJ and his wife Laura founded Little Grig in 2012 as a way to produce JJ’s videos, and to one day publish Laura’s books. Little Grig is dedicated to the promotion and celebration of the true, the good, and the beautiful through the arts. Laura regularly updates the Little Grig Facebook page with fun and inspirational content.

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Patreon is a platform that enables fans to support their favorite content creators. In our case, we are creating Christian videos for kids. Visit our Patreon page to learn how you can help!

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